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Early Reception of Edwin Arlington Robinson

Early Reception of Edwin Arlington Robinson

From The Torrent and The Night Before (1896) to the posthumous King Jasper (1935), Edwin Arlington Robinson published a score of new volumes of poetry. For the first twenty years he was rebuffed by editors, distained by critics, and virtually ignored by the public. With the appearance of The Man Against the Sky in 1916 he vaulted to a zenith of regard, and held his place to the day he died. 

The consensus of recent literary criticism favors Robinson's work in the earlier period as his finer accomplishment. The question therefore persists: Why, when he was producing his best poems, was Robinson overlooked and underrated? Any effort to resolve this anomaly must take into account the recorded opinions of contemporary critics and the impact they ostensibly conveyed. 

To that end is gathered in this volume every known review, interview and essay pertaining to Robinson which was published between 1896 and 1916, excluding appraisals of his two plays... To add to its value as a source book, Cary has recreated the physical and psychological ambience of the times in nine introductory chapters. Hardcover. 321 pages. 

Publication Date: 
January 1, 1900